Questions About Your Booking

What if my holiday was due to take place during the French lockdown when holiday parks were closed to holidaymakers? (from March 17 to June 5 2020)?

The government declaration of March 25 means you are entitled to a voucher for the price of your stay. This is valid for 18 months so that you can book a new Siblu holiday whenever suits you best!

What if I am unable to travel due to COVID-19?

If you have a booked a stay between March 1 and September 15 in one of our Siblu villages and you cannot go on holiday for one of the following reasons:

  • because one of the people named on the booking reservation is ill with COVID,
  • because you are in an area under lockdown,
  • because your holiday park is in an area under lockdown, 
  • because you no longer feel comfortable travelling

The government declaration of March 25, 2020 allows you to benefit from a voucher of a value equal to that of your stay. This voucher is valid for 18 months.

What are the current booking conditions?

To offer you maximum flexibility and freedom we have put a few conditions in place for new bookings:

  •  Confirm your booking with a low deposit! Book by paying just an €80 deposit and pay the balance 4 weeks before your arrival.
  • Free modification up to 14 days before your arrival. Want to change the dates or destination of your holiday? No problem!
  • If the new stay costs more than the original, you will have to pay the difference. However, if the amount is lower, we will refund the difference.
Questions About Your Accommodation

Am I guaranteed the mobile home I reserved?


Unfortunately, due to our new health and safety protocol, there may be cases where you are unable to stay in the exact mobile home that you reserved during your booking. Should this be the case, you will of course be offered an equivalent mobile home of the same model.

Will my mobile home be fully disinfected?

  • Yes, the cleanliness of your mobile home is our top priority.
  • Siblu has implemented a rigorous disinfection protocol in collaboration with AEGIDE health, a company that specialises in hygiene and safety, to ensure optimal cleanliness for our holidaymakers. Certain areas of the mobile home which are deemed higher risk (such as door handles, hard surfaces, bathroom, kitchen, white goods etc.) will be cleaned with virucidal disinfectant. Siblu teams will be equipped with personal protective equipment such as hygiene hair caps, gloves and masks, depending on their tasks.
  • To ensure optimal cleanliness and ventilation, Siblu will allow as much time as possible between the departure of mobile home occupants and new arrivals. We will ensure that there is a consistent ventilation period, adapted to the accommodation in question before each new arrival.


Will there be duvets and pillows in my mobile homes?


Yes. However we recommend that you bring your own bedding where possible. 

    If I rent sheets and towels, will they be disinfected?

    Yes, the bedding is deep cleaned. If you choose this option, sheets and towels will be delivered to you in protective film and there will be a double protection, for example two pillowcases where previously there was one.

    Questions About Pool Complexes

    Is it safe to use the swimming pool?

    • Scientists have confirmed that the virus does not survive in chlorinated water used in swimming pools. However Siblu has implemented an additional health and safety protocol and cleaning and disinfection will take place more frequently than usual. 
    • The swimming pools have an additional hygiene protocol. We would also like to remind you that even in more normal times cleaning and disinfection are carried out daily.

    Will the pools be open?

    Yes, of course, but the number of visitors to the pools may be limited in order to guarantee maximum safety. The instructions are as follows:

    • Sports pools, fun pools, paddling pools: one swimmer allowed per 4m², both indoors and outdoors.
    • Slides, splash zones: please respect social distancing measures and leave a distance of at least 1 metre between each holidaymaker when waiting in queues.
    • For aquagym/aquabike: 1 person permitted per 4m2, both indoors and outdoors.
    • For any aqua games and water jets: respect social distancing measures of at least 1 metre between each person/child.
    • Rest areas in the pool complexes (ie lawns, poolside areas etc) will have the same regulations as the pools themselves (1 person per 4m2). To ensure everyone can access the pool complexes, opening hours will likely be extended.

    What are the conditions of access & movement?

    • Depending on the layout of the pool complexes (which are all different), a direction of movement will be specified.
    • One-way systems will be signposted so that new arrivals to the pool area do not cross paths with those leaving. This will be in place both inside the aquatic areas but also in the toilets and changing rooms.
    • If safe one-way systems cannot be implemented in the changing rooms, they will be closed.

    Will there be restrictions?

    Apart from spas which will remain closed for now, the entirety of the pool complex will be accessible; indoor and outdoor swimming pools, slides, water games, paddling pools, etc. In low season access to certain equipment will be limited as usual.

    Will the opening hours be the same as usual?

    Yes in high season (July-August) and more limited in low season as usual. The use of pool complexes may be limited in order to guarantee maximum security. To ensure compliance with the health and safety protocol, opening hours may be extended if necessary.

    What is the protocol for indoor pools?

    • The emergency doors and exits of swimming pools and covered complexes must remain open as much as possible.
    • Covered/indoor complexes will be ventilated for at least 1 hour before receiving swimmers

    Will umbrellas and sun loungers be available?

    • Yes. They will be available, however they will be laid out in way that ensures social distancing measures can be followed. They will be cleaned in line with the health and safety protocol.
    • Some sun loungers may be removed to ensure social distancing measures are respected.

    Will there be aquatic activities?

    • Yes, provided they comply with health and safety measures. 

    Will there be alcohol-based hand gel available?

    Hand sanitiser will be made available for holidaymakers in the pool complexes. You will be able to find hand sanitiser in entrances, exits, changing rooms, toilets, in outdoor areas (out of the sun and out of the reach of young children) and on the poolside areas. 

    What are the measures in place in swimming pools?

    • Social distancing measures of at least 1m and preferably 2m in waiting rooms, changing rooms/toilets, pools and queues.
    • Frequent hand washing with soap or alcohol gel.
    • Respect one-way systems.
    • Shower with soap before going into the pool complexes.
    • No eating or drinking.
    • Take minimal personal belongings with you.
    • Sharing of personal belongings (towels etc.) is firmly discouraged, however, we will have no means of enforcing this.

    Where are the key disinfection areas?

    Changing rooms and toilets:

    • Door handles, locks
    • Handrails or stairs
    • Light switches
    • Toilet seats and flush systems
    • Taps 
    • Coat racks and coat hooks 
    • Paper and toilet roll dispensers
    • Lockers

    Poolside areas, changing rooms and toilets:


    • Door handles, locks
    • Handrails or stairs
    • Light switches
    • Shower heads and taps
    • General cleaning with detergent

    How often will these areas be disinfected?


    • Changing rooms and toilets: every 2 hours
    • Poolside and floors: at the end of the day
    Questions About Sports Activities

    Will there be sports activities?

    • For the moment, there will be individual sports activities but no team activities.
    Questions About Kids' Clubs

    Will kids' clubs be open?

    • We are pleased to announce that, from 12 July, our beloved free kids’clubs will be reopening (excluding Bubbles play areas for our youngest holidaymakers, which will remain closed).
    • Kids’ clubs will only take place outside (weather permitting) and activities will be organised in smaller groups to minimise contact. Our leaders will ensure that any surfaces/equipment are disinfected, that children wash their hands, and that big groups of children are avoided.
    • Children over the age of 11 must bring face masks to kids' clubs to be worn in cases where distancing can not be maintained.
    • If your child or anyone in your family group has any symptoms of COVID-19, your child must not participate in any kids' club activities.
    Questions About Activities & Entertainment

    What events & entertainment will be on offer?


    • There will be activities available as in previous years. These will comply with official government guidelines and with the physical distancing measures in place. Individual activities including the gym, individual tournaments, pool, darts etc will be available.

    Will there be evening entertainment?

    • Yes, but the capacity may be limited in order to guarantee social distancing. You can expect shows, bands, magicians, and quizzes. 
    • The legendary Siblu spirit and enthusiasm will, of course, still be there this summer. Our teams have been working hard to make sure the fun is ready for you. 
    • As soon as we have more information on, for example, the reopening of indoor theatres and stages or nightclubs, the information about entertainment will change accordingly (likely in July or August).
    Questions About Restaurants, Bars & Shops

    Will the restaurant/bar/shops be open?


    • Yes, in line with government regulations. Face masks are now mandatory in indoor spaces in France. There may also be limits on the number of people allowed in a shop at any one time
    • Indoor bars with a hall/indoor theatre attached will also be open, but we will follow government regulations on capacity etc.


    Questions About COVID-19

    What should I do if I experience Covid-19 symptoms while staying in a Siblu holiday park?

    • You must self-isolate in your mobile home immediately, and phone a doctor for medical advice.
    • Please contact reception BY TELEPHONE ONLY if you need help getting in touch with local medical professionals. 

    Should I wear a mask?

    • We strongly recommend that you bring face masks with you to France. The French government has now made face masks mandatory in indoor/covered spaces for adults and children over the age of 11. Face masks are also recommended whenever you are unable to keep a one metre distance from others.
    • Children over the age of 11 will need to bring a mask with them in order to participate in our Siblu kids' clubs.

    We ask each holidaymaker to use their common sense and to respect the rules in place throughout our holiday parks. Please follow these rules as you would follow government rules in your day to day life at home. We have a duty to keep all holidaymakers informed, to communicate the regulations and organise/facilitate the implementation of health and safety procedures. However, we do ask that everyone also takes personal responsibility: this will help ensure the safety of everyone on-park, both holidaymakers and staff.

    You can find out more about specific measures on individual holiday parks by looking at the park pages.