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The Curious History of Max the Mouse

Max the Mouse isn’t just a mascot, he’s a pirate and playmate of all the kids here at our holiday parks in France !
Like all heros, he’s got a fascinating history that you’ll be curious to learn about.

Max et les enfants sur votre camping siblu

Max la souris sur votre camping siblu

Max, Patch et Lili sur votre camping siblu

Once upon a time, there was a mouse called Max...

Max the Mouse and his best friend Patch the Parrot, sailed the seas on board the ship of the evil Pong the Pirate. Forced to polish wood and manage the crew by the hated Pong, Max and Patch decided to hatch a plan to escape the boat.

From the pirate Pong, they had heard speak of a beautiful place called Crystal Island, where magic crystals could be found. Max the Mouse and Patch, upon hearing of this story, were not convinced, but after two days spent sailing in the ocean, they came across a glittering speck of land and soon realised that they were very wrong…

Soon after their arrival on the island, they met Lili the tigress, guardian of the island and protector of the crystals. She revealed to them the extraordinary secret behind the wonderful island – each crystal had a unique power and could give those who found it a special talent or gift !

To protect the island, its creatures and its crystals from the evil pirate Pong, Max, Lili and Patch have decided to create the Pirate Club !

All aboard the adventures of Max, Patch and Lili at your Siblu village

More to come…

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