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Your Budding stars

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Where children are the stars

Siblu staff at our holiday parks in France have years of experience entertaining its guests – so rest assured, you can rely on us to find something that will keep everyone wanting more!
Early evening entertainment is especially dedicated to children, and the perfect time for them to dance and show off their skills at events such as the Crystal Fiesta, Pirate Show Time, Barracudas Party, and Talent Show Time.

Crytal Fiesta

After a scrummy meal, kids in the Pirate Club (5-9 years) always love to watch the Crystal Fiesta performance. Bubble Club children (1-4 years) often join in with them on the fun. They can run around, play games and receive gifts before tucking into a meal accompanied by their mascot friends Max, Lili and Patch.

Pirate Showtime

This early evening event is guaranteed to get kids and parents in good spirits, as our Pirates put on mini-shows and Siblu entertainers dress up in their best costumes and sing with our favourite mascot, Max the Mouse.

Talent Showtime

For Talent Showtime, it’s all down to the kids to organise this big event!

Here, the children storm the stage in groups or do solos to show off their dance, singing, circus or comedy skills, all for the delight of other children and adults.

Teen nights at the
Barracuda Party

This event is for older kids and teens only! Children in the Barracudas club are always up for a good time playing games, dancing and listening to music during a yummy meal of pizza and pop.

Crystal fiesta

Pirate show time

Talent show time

What else ?

There is an extra cost for children and they will need to sign up if they want to take part in the Crystal Fiesta and Barracuda Party.

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