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5% off when you holiday for two weeks or longer

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Offer valid until: 29/11/2020

Available on campsites: Le Bois Dormant, Domaine de Dugny, La Réserve, Les Pierres Couchées, Le Montourey, Le Bois Masson, Le Lac des Rêves, Domaine de Kerlann, La Pignade, Les Charmettes, Domaine de Soulac, Bonne Anse Plage, La Carabasse, Les Sables du Midi, Les Rives de Condrieu, Domaine de Litteau, Les Dunes de Contis, Mar Estang, Le Conguel

Offer : Save more when you stay for longer! Get 5% off on holidays lasting for two weeks or more.


Want to get more out of your holidays in 2020?

There's nothing worse than realising that it's time to pack up and go back to work and school just when you’re beginning to get into ‘relaxed holiday mode’.

Lots of our holidaymakers choose to avoid that feeling by booking in for a slightly longer stay with Siblu (two weeks or more), giving them a chance to really kick back, relax and let the holiday unfold at its own rhythm.

Good news! When you book for 2 weeks or longer you can benefit from 5% off the total price of your holiday.

Choose from an amazing selection of destinations (from Normandy to the Atlantic Coast to the sunny South of France). When you make your booking, the 5% off will be automatically applied to your reservation.

PLEASE NOTE: You may need to click the ‘select’ button on the page of booking options in order to view the price of your booking with this extra 5% off applied.



Offer applies to new 2020 bookings made between the 18/05/2019 and the 30/11/2020 and confirmed by a payment of 20% of the total price.  Offre non retroactive which  cannot be used  for touring pitches or for Siblu destinations in Holland and cannot be combined with the offer "3 weeks for the price of 2". Regrettably errors do occasionally occur and Siblu reserve the right to exclude any village, date or model. Siblu set a minimum sale value for each holiday; should any offer, or combination of offers, suggest a price below this figure, the customer would be notified of the minimum price limit and given the opportunity to accept or refuse the booking at Siblu’s minimum price. Siblu’s 2020 terms and conditions apply (www.siblu.ie).

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