What to see and do from Les Rives de Condrieu

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What to see and do from Les Rives de Condrieu
en Rhone Alpes

Activites and places not to miss


What a beautiful view it is from Chambery. Situated at the crossroads of Alpine valleys, families can set apart one day out here to walk around the tiny preserved streets in the old town, visit the former residence of the Ducs de Savoie at the Chateau de Chambery, and taste the freshest cheeses, meats and local produce from the Alps at the Saturday market, Chambery is also a great base from which to go and see the largest natural lake in France, the Lac de Bourget, just 8 miles / 4km away.

  • Lyon

    Lyon is the third largest town in France, and offers up a variety of fun and exciting ways to explore the city. Lyon’s history goes back to roman times, and there are many ancient ruins to see such as the Ancient Roman Theatre of Fourvière. But its silk manufacturing past, evident in the several traboules that still exist, allow you to wander through the interconnecting passageways between buildings once used by the silk craftsmen. Around Lyon, you’ll see charming tromp d’oeil murals that will have you looking twice. You also shouldn’t miss the amazing and unusual cloud of glass that is the Museum of Confluences, situated at the crux of the Rhône and Saône rivers. To get the best view of this city, walk up the hill to the dramatic and ornate Basilica of Notre Dame de Fourviere, where’ll you be rewarded with 180 degree views of the city and its rivers. 

  • St Étienne

    27 miles away / 45 km away from Les Rives de Condrieu is the stylish city of St Etienne. There are plenty of excuses for design buffs to visit museums such as the futuristic Corbusier Centre or the glittering Design City. As for those with families, you’d might like to put the Firefighter’s Museum on your list (more than 150 fire brigade vehicles are exhibited here) and have a look at the mesmerizing 3D 360 degree films about the skies and space at the Planetarium.

  • The Roches de Condrieu Peninsula

    Just opposite Les Rives de Condrieu 1 mile / 3km away, surrounded by the river Rhône is the pretty Roches de Condrieu peninsula, where families can bathe at the beach with supervised lifeguards on watch during July and August, and take part in various activities at the onsite watersports centre such as waterskiing and wakeboarding. If you’re looking to do something a bit more laid back, have a roll on the segways for hire to discover the beautiful surrounding nature. 

  • Valence

    Valence is another city with Roman roots, and is characterised by the Valence canal running through the town. At its heart, kids will love exploring the stunning Jouvet Park, which is home to over 700 rare and varied trees, and provides impressive views over the ruins of the Chateau de Crussol. Just 20 minutes’ drive from Valence, another exceptional green spot can be found at the Jardin aux Oiseaux at Upie, a zoological and botanical park where you’ll find many birds of prey, parrot shows, inflatable playgrounds and a mini farm.

  • ViaRhôna

    The ViaRhôna cycle route is a fantastic way for couples and families to experience the French countryside in the Rhône Valley. Along the Lyon to Valence bike path, you’ll be able to discover towns with Roman roots, uncover pretty vineyards and dense orchards. For those biking it with little ones, just make sure you take greenways or the path from Givors, south of Lyon, as they are ideal for families and all levels of cyclist. 

  • Vienne

    Vienne is situated along the Rhône river, and is rich with Gallo-Roman monuments and ruins scattered all across it. Families can come and enjoy the sounds at the summer Jazz festival which takes place in late June and early July, or sample the local French flavours, like the pear brandy at the Colombier Distillery or visit the second largest market in France at the Saturday marché.

  • Zoo at Saint Martin La Plaine

    Discover the life of mammals, birds and reptiles close up here. To keep your kids entertained, come along and watch the wolf and gorilla feedings. What is interesting are the zoo keeper tours too, when all the family can find out about what it takes and means to care for the incredible creatures at this park.

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